Vosky Precision Machining Corp is conveniently located near Vets Highway (Rte 454) in Ronkonkoma, NY. If you have any questions related to our location, please call us at 631-737-3200, and we will be glad to assist you.

Take the LIE (Rte 495) East to Exit 57 (Vets Highway / Rte 454).Take Vets Highway East to Central Avenue. At Central Ave make a U-Turn so you are on Vets Highway West. Take Vets Highway for 500 ft and make a right on Air Park Drive.


Take Sunrise Highway (Rte 27) East to Exit 49 (Lincoln Ave.) Make a left on Lincoln Ave. and take it to Vets Highway (Rte 454). Make a Left on Vets Highway (Rte 454) and take it for 100ft, and make a right on Air Park Drive.

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